About GME

  • Please note that PSPC’s Psychiatry Training Observership does not  have the approval of the commission and is not accredited by ACGME. The Program will not qualify a physician for limited licensure in Washington and does not qualify  as a program acceptable to the Commission for the purposes of the two year post-graduate medical training requirement for full licensure as a physician. Any physician enrolled in the program will not be able to practice medicine, unless the physician is licensed in Washington. The Program will not count as experience in a residency training program for the purposes of board certification.


 The authority and responsibility for the oversight of  and administration of PSPC’sGME programs reside with the Designated Institutional Official (“DIO”),in collaboration with the Graduate Medical Education Committee (“GMEC”).  The DIO is also the Graduate Medical Education Committee Chair. The DIO will advise the PSPC Board of Directors on GME matters; however, the Board of Directors (Governing Body) maintains authority over the PSPC as a “sponsor” of GME as well as its accredited program..


Puget Sound Psychiatric Center (“PSPC”) and its Board of Directors commit to graduate medical education (“GME”) by providing the necessary financial support for administrative, educational, and clinical resources, including personnel. 

 The mission of PSPC is superior health care, education, and research. The strategy is to fully integrate medical education in PSPC’s clinical settings in order to continuously improve the patient care rendered and to maximize the effectiveness of academic preparation of physicians-in-training. Quality GME and the provision of an appropriate academic environment in which excellence in medical care and superior educational activities can be practiced are an integral part of PSPC’s mission.

 PSPC strives to meet or exceed the Institutional, Common, and specialty/subspecialty program requirements of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (“ACGME”) and its Residency Review Committees (RRCs).