Compensation & Benefits

  • Please note that PSPC’s Psychiatry Training Observership does not  have the approval of the commission and is not accredited by ACGME. The Program will not qualify a physician for limited licensure in Washington and does not qualify  as a program acceptable to the Commission for the purposes of the two year post-graduate medical training requirement for full licensure as a physician. Any physician enrolled in the program will not be able to practice medicine, unless the physician is licensed in Washington. The Program will not count as experience in a residency training program for the purposes of board certification.



PSPC will compensate trainee by salary commensurate with their training level. Salaries will be paid in monthly installments.


PSPC will provide certain individual benefits to trainees. These will include:


A. The Trainee will be provided with professional liability insurance covering the duration of training. This coverage will provide legal defense and protection against claims arising during the training program, including claims not reported or filed until after the completion of the training. This coverage will be at limits which are not less than those mandated by the Washington Health Care Services Malpractice Act for the services performed while participating in the Program.

B. Such professional liability insurance coverage applies only to those activities and services within the scope of the Trainee’s duties as defined by the Program Director.

C. The Trainee agrees to cooperate fully with PSPC and PSPC’s insurance representative/company in the defense of any liability claims asserted against PSPC and/or a participating site, the Trainee, the faculty or any attending physician.


A. Paid vacation is provided as set forth as followed:

The Trainee has 10 days of paid vacation to be taken during the Term.  The Trainee will accrue 6.5 hours monthly of paid personal time and 3.25 hours monthly of sick leave.  Personal time can be used towards vacation and sick time as per GMEC guidelines.  Unused vacation time will be forfeited at the end of the Term and will not be carried over from one academic year to another.  Unused personal time will not be redeemed for equivalent salary.  No more than 5 paid personal days may be used in any sixth month period/ or rotation.  Each Trainee is required to submit a vacation plan at the beginning of each PG year detailing vacation dates. Any extended absence must be approved by the Program Director.   Personal time can be used towards vacation and sick time as per GMEC guidelines.

B. Vacations are to be taken within the contract year and at a time acceptable to the Program Director.

C. Vacation requests must be submitted to the Program Director in advance for approval.

D. When assigned to outside affiliated institutions for rotations, a Trainee must comply with the vacation policies/procedures of that institution and any specific requirements of departmental affiliation agreements.


Paid Sick Leave is provided as set forth below:

In the event of illness or disability, a full time employed Psychiatric Trainee Observer has up to 90 consecutive days of Salary Continuation, in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the Salary Continuation section below. SalaryContinuation is non-vested sick time which may be used after a Trainee has been absent for 40 consecutively scheduled hours and is ill or disabled. Salary Continuation is not redeemable and not vested; when used, it is paid at the Trainee’s current hourly rate. Two exceptions to the 40-hour rule include: 1) the occasion when a Trainee is admitted to a hospital or, 2) when a Trainee undergoes outpatient surgery and follows the pre-certification process. In either case, the Trainee can begin using Salary Continuation from the first day of hospitalization/surgery. Eligibility for Salary Continuation for a disability leave is subject to standard short-term disability management protocol. Program Directors may request medical verification from a Physician chosen by the Program Director. 


The Trainee and his or her eligible dependents are provided with hospital and health insurance benefits beginning on the first day of insurance eligibility.  If the first day of health insurance eligibility does not coincide with the resident’s first day of work, then the Trainee will be given advanced access to information regarding interim coverage so he or she can purchase coverage if desired.  PSPC’s Human Resource staff will provide benefits information and options during orientation.


This coverage is included with each medical option and is only available if a medical option is chosen.


Employee is required to contribute toward the premium. Contributions are deducted on a pre-tax basis.


Employee is required to contribute toward the premium. Contributions are deducted on a pre-tax basis.


Confidential support services are provided.

  • Eligible individuals may contact the Employee Assistance Program (“EAP”) directly for assistance at 425-968-3344. This number may be called 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Information pertaining to a contact with the EAP or any subsequent information arising from that contact shall be treated in a confidential manner, and only released as required by law.
  • Information regarding contact with, or participation in the program, shall not be included in the Trainee’s personnel file, again except as mandated by law.
  • If the counselor judges that additional or more specialized assistance is necessary, the counselor will refer the trainee to an appropriate behavioral health resource and provide follow-up care.
  • The Trainee can also access his or her medical insurance and seek care in that manner.
  • The Program appreciates the stress inherent in participating in any training program. Attempts are made to reduce unnecessary stress by limiting work hours, frequency of night calls, etc. In addition, the trainee is provided with assigned supervisors throughout his or her training who can help guide the trainee through the challenges of a training program.  In addition to the above supports, group format support is available during regularly scheduled  meetings.


On-site parking is provided at no charge for Trainees while they are present at PSPC/PSPC’s affiliated sites for purposes of fulfilling service or educational requirements.


A meal allowance is provided as set forth below.

  • For any Trainee on-call overnight at PSPC and its affiliated sites, the PSPC/affiliated sites will provide a meal allowance for dinner and breakfast the next morning.
  • Being on-call is defined as being listed on a published in-house night on-call schedule provided by the Program Director or his/her designee.
  • Meal allowances are coordinated through the Office of Graduate Medical Education.
  • When trainees are at PSPC, they are entitled to a subsidized lunch through the cafeteria every day. During hospital rotation, meals are provides free of charge by the hospital.


It is the policy of  PSPC  to provide Trainees with appropriate on-call rooms and a safe environment. On-call rooms are to be occupied only at those times that the Trainee is scheduled for on-call coverage. On-call rooms are not to be used as a residence.


White lab coats are required at all times during hospital rotation.


An annual education stipend will be provided for each trainee. The current allowance is $500 for each academic training year. An additional Research allowance is available.


Certifications in BLS and ACLS are provided at no cost to the trainee. Certification in ATLS is also available where required by the training program.