In addition to their 2 hours of supervision, for every 40 hours of internship experience, the student receive at least 2 hours of other learning activities such as case conferences, seminars on applied issues, conducting co-therapy with other staff person including discussion of the case, and group supervision.

This 2 hour didactic seminar occurs every Friday that systematically touches base on all aspect of Psychology and Neuro-Behavioral Sciences.

Seminars represent training in areas of theory, diagnosis, evaluation and intervention.


Some of the topics include;

Intake Interviewing and Preliminary Diagnostic Assessment,


Crisis Management,

Law and Ethics Consultation,


Various Psychotherapy Approaches,

Professional Development,

Diversity Training,

Termination of the Therapeutic Relationship,

Substance Abuse.

PSPC is committed to the ongoing training of interns and staff. Apart from once a month seminar by Dr. S. J. Mustafa, leading researchers and professionals within the field of psychiatry, psychopharmacology and psychology are invited to speak and/or train on their areas of expertise. Students are encouraged to give public seminars as a community education and an outreach activity.