FAQ’S Psychiatry Training Observership Program

  • Please note that PSPC’s Psychiatry Training Observership does not  have the approval of the commission and is not accredited by ACGME. The Program will not qualify a physician for limited licensure in Washington and does not qualify  as a program acceptable to the Commission for the purposes of the two year post-graduate medical training requirement for full licensure as a physician. Any physician enrolled in the program will not be able to practice medicine, unless the physician is licensed in Washington. The Program will not count as experience in a residency training program for the purposes of board certification.

Q: How many PGY1 positions are available?

A: 4 PGY1 Trainees are selected yearly.

Q: Is our program ACGME accredited?

A: As of July 2013 our institution gained ACGME accreditation. Upon submitting a program application, the next ACGME Review Committee meeting for Psychiatry will be in February when we anticipate receiving our full accreditation.

Q: Is USMLE Step 3 required?

A: Yes, Step 3 is a requirement, with a passing score,  for our program.



For any additional questions please inquire at pgt@pspc.org