FAQ’S Residency Program

Q: How many PGY1 positions are available?

A: 4 PGY1 Residents are selected yearly.

Q: Is our program ACGME accredited?

A: As of July 2013 our institution gained ACGME accreditation. July 2014 we started our Residency program with 4 PGY1 Residents. September 2014 we had our ACGME Site Visit for our program, where our facility and didactic schedule was reviewed as well as interviews with each Resident. The next ACGME Review Committee meeting for Psychiatry will be in February when we anticipate receiving our full accreditation.

Q: Is USMLE Step 3 required?

A: Yes, Step 3 is a requirement, with a passing score,  for our program.

Q: Can you apply to our Residency Program through ERAS?

A: No, please click here to download application

Q: Are we participating in the National Resident Matching Program?

A: No we are not participating in the match.

Q: When is the deadline for applications?

A: 2015 PGY1 application deadline is December 31, 2014. Jauary 1, 2015 – February 1, 2015 we will be accepting late applications with an additional processing fee. We will make our match on April 1, 2015 and by the 2nd week of April the selected Resident’s will be signing contracts. The credentialing process will be begin after the contract is signed and the selected Residents will be responsible for obtaining a Washington State Resident License before orientation begins in June 2015.


For any additional questions please inquire at info@pspc.org