FMG Externship


PSPC externship program is specifically designed to benefit Foreign Medical Graduates seeking US clinical experience in Psychiatry and clinical research as a pre-requisite for residency appointments. Many residency programs desire FMGs to ideally possess US clinical experience in order to be considered for post graduate residency training.

PSPC externship program offers 8 weeks of hands on clinical experience. Four weeks will be an outpatient Psychiatry rotation at our Puget Sound Psychiatric Center under supervision of Board Certified Psychiatrist and Clinical Research at Pacific Institution of Medical Sciences. The second four weeks Externs will rotate at an inpatient facility, Fairfax Hospital, in Kirkland, WA under supervision of Board Certified Psychiatrists.  Externs will become familiar with the workings of Psychiatric Clinics, learn about confidentiality and HIPPA laws, as well as boundaries transference and counter-transference issues. The externs will be encouraged to take medical history, perform mental status examination, present cases, formulate treatment plans, receive feedback from supervising physician and attend regular PSPC didactic program.

At the end of 8 weeks, those externs who demonstrated adequate competency in the above listed areas of study, will be provided with certificate of completion and performance based Letter of Recommendation from supervising physician.

Our goal at PSPC is to help FMGs to achieve their goal of securing residency position with necessary skills, and knowledge in psychiatry and clinical research. The Externship Program offers an orientation to PSPC model of health care excellence and teamwork in an environment that, in addition to its clinical focus, includes opportunities to participate in research and education.

Fees (exclusive of travel and accommodations)

Application Fee (non refundable) $200
Externship Fee (8 Weeks) $2,000