Goals and Objectives



Goal 1:

Interns will develop and demonstrate the necessary skills including theory, research, practice and knowledge to enter the field of professional clinical psychology as scientist-practitioners.

Objective A:      Independently integrate science and clinical judgment with practice and evaluate the effectiveness of   interventions.

Objective B:      Interns will demonstrate effective intervention planning, including case conceptualization specific to youth and context.

Objective C:      Treat patients and their families presenting with a wide variety of psychological problems.

Objective D:      Independently select and implement multiple methods to evaluate and assess children, adolescents and adults.

Objective E:      Provide ethically sound, culturally sensitive, and evidenced based interventions with fidelity to adapt where appropriate


Goal 2:

Interns will develop an integrated and ethical professional identity as a psychologist.

Objective A:      Demonstrate honesty, personal responsibility, and adherence to professional goals.

Objective B:      Foster reflectivity, self-awareness, self assessment and the impact of self on others to inform practice and interactions.

Objective C:      Acquire competency and appreciation of continued sequential and developmental knowledge and growth as a professional psychologist.

Objective D:      Appreciate and develop knowledge and understanding of the supervision process as a supervisee.

Objective E:      Appreciate and develop knowledge and understanding of the supervision process as a supervisor.


Goal 3:

Interns will value the role of the psychologist in society as a culturally competent agent of change for community based needs, including: advocacy, prevention, and intervention.

Objective A:      Embrace the role of the individual and cultural/ diversity in treatment planning, intervention and  consultation.

Objective B:      Serve in a Leadership role on multi-disciplinary interagency teams.

Objective C:      Identifies when to initiate, collaborate, consult, and seek supervision.

Objective D:      Understand and appreciate the role of the psychologist in impacting larger systems as a leader and manager.

Objective E:      Independently acts to safeguard the welfare and safety of others