Guidance, Peer Review & Support Committee

Mission statement:

To ensure ongoing evaluation of trainees professional practice as defined by Six ACGME core competencies, to maintain standard quality of patient care.


To provide a positive culture with a positive approach to guidance, supports and peer review; by recognizing trainee’s excellence and improvement opportunity on a daily basis to improve patient quality of care..

Committee’s responsibility:

  1. Monitor and evaluate the ongoing professional practice of indicudual trainees.
  2. Perform a once weekly, trainees’s patient chart review and feedback on performance and improvement needed to meet ACGME core competencies requirement.
  3. Perform focused professional practice evaluation when potential trainee improvement opportunities are identified.
  4. Ensure that the process of GPS is clearly defined, and useful to trainees.

The Chair:

DIO, Dr. Syed Jamal Mustafa, MD, PhD.


Ashraf Muzwagi, MD.

Co member:

Co-member of GPS committee includes; four co-members, one from each PGY year.