Professional Development

Welcome to the Division of Clinical & Translational Research at Puget Sound Psychiatric Center. Our Division oversees the scholarly and creative activities associated with Graduate Medical Education. There are several continuously undertaken administrative and research initiatives in the service of improving patient outcomes. The Division also provides leadership and coordination to deliver strategic support to further clinical medical education and critical thinking skills in our trainees. We are fully committed to fostering dynamic rigorous research education to the next generation of Clinicians as we truly believe that the art of healing must be grounded in the rigorous pursuit of Biomedical & Clinical Research.


To foster programs that shall promote the interest of clinicians to conduct research, generate knowledge, and advance healthcare.

The Division of Clinical & Translational Research assists Medical Trainees in:

  • Developing skills for the formulation of a research question, access and analyze data, review pertinent literature as well as prepare a well-organized research presentation.
  • Working on a career development portfolio for Medical Trainees
  • Working on a Research Project from conception to publication.
  • Preparing research presentations for Annual Scientific Conferences.

The Office of Clinical Research provides learning experiences for medical trainees and provides resources to help them complete their own research projects.

Housestaff Quality & Safety Committee

Professionalism & Team Building Committee

Guidance, Peer Review & Support Committee

Curriculum & Scholarly Activities Committee